How Shall Your Tournament Proceed?

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    Tournament Player

    Valid for one year
    • Tournament Entry Fee
    • Share and compare strategies, progress and results
    • Enter upon the Field and hone your domaining skills
    • The Leaderboards! Who's in the Lead? Detailed Metrics
    • Join the adventure and participate in the Great Challenge
    • IT'S GONNA BE FUN!!!!!
  • PortfolioParticipant

    Valid for one year
    • All benefits of Spectator - Silver PLUS upload your Domains
    • Gain exposure for your available & valuable Inventory!
    • Full Access to Locked Content, Metrics and Results
    • Full Access to the Participant's Forums
    • Battle for the Best! What's your Portfolio worth?
    • Portfolio Challenge! Which Portfolios perform the Best?!
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    • Exclusive access to the Players' Forums
    • Unlock all Content, deep dive into the Data
    • Detailed Metrics and Analysis
    • $ less than a cup of coffee /month, but worth so much more!
  • Spectator - Bronze

    Valid for one year
    • View Leaderboard, access some Resources, Live Chats enabled
    • Certain key data may be greyed out or Locked
    • Upgrade anytime to Silver or Portfolio level during Tourney
    • Access to some Forums may be restricted
    • The Cheap Seats, Views may be obstructed or blocked
    • Definitely worth more than what you Pay!