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  • MELEE Continues:  STAGE 4 Begins - Threshold to Achieve $125,000
    Wed, Jun 30
    Jun 30, 11:59 PM PDT
    Having achieved their Lofty Goal, Players advance to Stage 4 (The QUARTER FINALS). Here the Resolute Pursuit the Players face is to move from $25,000 and to increase their Available Budgets to $125,000. Achieving such Threshold Advances the Player to Stage 5 (Semi-Finals).
  • MELLEE Continues:  Stage 5 (Finalists) begins.  Victory Awaits!
    Sat, Jul 31
    Jul 31, 11:59 PM MDT
    MELLEE Winds Down as Players' major Trials and Tribulations Lay Behind Them. They have now achieved $625,000 in Available Budget and move to complete the great challenge and Achieve their Hearts' Desire. $1,000,000 seems Tantalizingly close within their Reach, can they make it in Time?!
  • Tournament Finals: Stage 6 Begins.  To the Victor go the Spoils!
    Tue, Oct 05
    Oct 05, 7:00 PM
    All that remains is the fulfillment of their Hearts' Desire. After all that has come before it seems but Child's Play for our Players now to meet their Hearts Desires, (though Knowledge gained in this Great Trial is worth more than that to which they did at first Aspire!)