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Domain Portfolios Acquisition Stage: Tournament Commences (1)

Players commence building their Portfolio's with a limited budget of $1,000 USD. Players are to come as close as possible to $1,000.00 USD WITHOUT GOING OVER. Exceeding the limit by even a mere penny shall result in Disqualification from advancement to the next Stage of the Tournament.
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Domain Portfolios Acquisition Stage:  Tournament Commences (1)

Time & Location

Jan 29, 12:01 AM PST – Feb 04, 11:59 PM PST

About the Event

Tournament Commences! Upon stroke of Midnight Clear, January 29, 2021 PST (San Fransciso, USA ). Players shall begin the Acquisition Phase of the Tournament.  They shall assemble a Portfolio using the limited Budget of only $1,000.00 USD.  This Threshold will be strictly enforced as it is once of the factors to be adjudged.  The Players are to come as close to $1,000.00 WITHOUT EXCEEDING that amount.  Acquisition cost shall also include first year's registration.  A mere penny over shall Disqualify the Player from Advancement to the Next Stage, bringing Shame and Embarrasment to their Great House.  The Acquisition Stage will remain open for exactly one week, and shall end at precisely 12:59pm on February 4/21 PST.  Only Domains which were purchased during this time are eligible for inclusion within the Starting Portfolio.  Starting Portfolios will be subject to Verification to ensure the TOURNAMENT RULES have  been complied with, including the Initial Budget, No Domains used from prior Player Portfolio, No Adult Names, No obvious Trademark or Famous Mark violations etc.  Player Portfolios listing Names, acquisition price, purchase venues and dates, etc. will be compiled and posted.  Failure by a Player to submit their Portfolios with the Required Information to the Event Organizer (EO) within Stipulated Time may result in Disqualification.  STAGE 2 thereupon commences the MELEE phase which shall continue unabated until a Winner is duly pronounced or the expiration of the Tournament occurs 1 y